IICSA Changemakers

(This IICSA Changemakers webpage is hosted and maintained by the NSPCC, but the work and ambitions belong to the IICSA Changemakers)

Who are the IICSA Changemakers?

The IICSA Changemakers are a group co-ordinated by the NSPCC. United across different sectors, they want to make sure that IICSA (The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse), remains an important moment for child protection.

All members of the IICSA Changemakers wish to:

“inspire a national mission to prevent child sexual abuse and provide much improved support to victims and survivors”


What organisations are a part of the IICSA Changemakers?

The IICSA Changemakers are a group of 64 organisations. These include charities, support services and groups that work on the frontline and have experience of preventing and tackling sexual abuse.

Each organisation or member of the group might not agree with all IICSA's recommendations. But we all recognise the importance of working together to bring about change. We want the support and protection of children and people who have experienced sexual abuse, to be a larger priority for the public.

All organisations within the IICSA Changemakers, invest their time, expertise and access to networks to ensure the successful running of the group.

We are grateful for the financial support offered by the NSPCC, the Internet Watch Foundation, the Children’s Society and Barnardo's.

What areas of work do IICSA Changemakers focus on?

1. Policy - hosting policy discussions on core IICSA recommendations and lobbying the government for better provision for children who have experienced sexual abuse. For example, the Victim's and Prisoner's Bill got IICSA's recommendation for a guarantee of specialist support for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse

2. Practice - looking at our own practices and understandings as a group that we can offer to others.

3. The voice of the survivor - the voices and experiences of people who have experienced sexual abuse, were central to shaping IICSA's work and findings, and remain key as we continue.

Contact IICSA Changemakers

  • Spokespeople for IICSA Changemakers are available to the media please contact: [email protected]
  • If you are interested in having an IICSA Changemaker speak at your event or would like to discuss joining the changemakers please contact: [email protected]