Executive pay Details of pay for our executive board members

The fight for childhood is a joint effort, so we need to make sure that we attract, and keep, the best skilled and experienced staff.

In our commitment to openness, we are disclosing salaries inline with guidelines set out by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

Pay for the Chief Executive and each member of our Executive board is agreed by the Remuneration Committee. The committee is made up of members of our Trustee board: the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer.

Table of executive pay

During the financial year to the end of March 2016, the Chief Executive and board members were paid as follows:

Name Role Annual salary
Peter Wanless Chief Executive £167,000
Paul Farthing Director of Fundraising (left NSPCC April 2016) £133,000
David Roberts Director of Corporate Services £129,000
Sherry Malik Director of Services for Children and Families £127,000
Philip Noyes Director of Services for Children and Families  £106,080
Alison Jeremy Director of Communications £108,000
Siobhan Sheridan Director of People £108,000
Peter Watt Director of National Services £107,000
Lisa Harker Director of Strategy, Policy and Evidence (left NSPCC March 2016) £97,000
Peter Liver Director of Childline Services (left NSPCC December 2015) £97,000


45 other members of staff were paid over £60,000 during the period.

Pensions and other benefits

All members of staff have the option to join a money purchase pension scheme. Contributions to the scheme are related to the length of service. Should they choose to join, staff must pay 3 per cent in the first year but can increase their contributions in subsequent years, to a maximum of 6 per cent after five years.

Employer contributions rise in line with those from staff, starting at 6 per cent in the first year of employment to a maximum of 12 per cent after five years.

Three members of the Executive Board received private healthcare benefits during Financial Year to the end of March 2016.

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