Our promise to you Your support helps us change children's lives for the better - that will always be our priority

We know that you want to change children's lives and expect us to spend your money wisely on behalf of children. We also know that media coverage on how we spend your money can sometimes be unsettling. That's why we wanted to share our promise to you.

The NSPCC's commitment to supporters 

    • We will always tell you about how you are helping to change children’s lives so you know how your money is being spent
    • We will always take action if others acting on our behalf fail to meet our high standards
    • We will never phone you unless you have expressed  an interest in the work of the NSPCC
    • We will always check first that you’re happy to speak to us when we phone
    • We will never sell your data to anyone else or share it without your permission*
    • If you tell us you don’t want to hear from us again, or want to hear from us less, we will respect that 

If you do have any concerns, we will always be here to listen and take them seriously. You can contact our supporter care team online or over the phone - 0207 825 2505 - to tell us if you're worried about any calls you've had from us or those working on our behalf.

Our values

We're committed to acting ethically and with integrity both internally and in our business relationships, and we expect the same high standards from the organisations we work with.  Our ethical values and procurement principles are communicated to our suppliers, and new suppliers are asked to evidence that they share our values.  We'll never knowingly support or do business with organisations in any way connected with slavery, human trafficking or child labour.

The procurement process aims to ensure NSPCC achieves value for money and that preferred suppliers meet or exceed our requirements in respect of ethical procurement.  Suppliers are asked to demonstrate that they embrace diversity, understand the risks within their own supply chain and remunerate their staff fairly.

The NSPCC’s supply chain is predominantly UK based and is compliant with UK legislation.  We take a risk based approach to purchasing, applying increased levels of scrutiny to high risk supply categories such as goods sourced from overseas.  We focus our scrutiny on the policies, procedures and controls demonstrated by our direct suppliers, recognising that it is not always possible for us to have a close relationship with all parties in a supply chain.

How you're making a difference

Alice's story

Alice talks about how the Young Witness Service made her feel supported in court during the trial of the man who abused her.
Read Alice's story

Speak out. Stay safe.

Our programme (formerly Childline Schools Service) supports specially trained staff and volunteers to talk to primary school children about abuse.
Speak Out. Stay Safe.

*It's necessary for the NSPCC to allow its carefully vetted suppliers to use supporter data to carry out work on behalf of the NSPCC, such as completing donation transactions and/or communicating with our supporters. We may also sometimes have to share data in other circumstances, for example where there's a legal requirement to do so.  Please see our privacy policy