Beta launch of our new website

Working to improve the digital experience on our new website for our users

Welcome to the beta version of our new website. We’ve created it to put the people who use it most - our supporters, volunteers and those who come to us for help and advice - at the heart of the experience.

Our website is crucial to what we do. It provides help and advice for parents, organisations and people who work with children, as well as information for our supporters and ways everyone can join us in our fight for every childhood.

But the technology that we were using was outdated, difficult to maintain and limited in how we could support our services and fundraising. So we needed to build a new website to help everyone play their part in protecting more children and preventing abuse.

Our approach

It was an ambitious project, and we carried out research on our users’ needs before getting started. Some of the things we learned about were:

  • 50% of adults who were worried about a child came to the website for advice before contacting our helpline.
  • Different types of users have similar needs. For example, some of the information we create for people who work with children is also of interest to our volunteers, donors and policymakers.
  • We need to be clearer about what we do to help children, and the progress that we’re making for children in the UK and Channel Islands.
  • Our visitors want to hear the stories of children who’ve been affected by abuse, and how we were able to help.

With this in mind, we’ve tried to provide content for our users in the right way, at the right time, whatever they’re looking for – all while demonstrating how every day we’re helping children rebuild their lives and preventing abuse from ruining more.

We know that abuse does change childhood – but so can we, and our new website means we can provide a better experience for those who need us, or want to join us in the fight for childhood.

Working to improve the experience

After launching the beta version, we’ll analyse and develop our website over the coming months and work to improve the experience for users, and ultimately help more children.

We’re keen to continue learning about how well our website meets the needs of our users, so feedback is really important to us. If you notice anything that isn’t working or that is missing, please let us know, and help us make things better for children.