Child abuse: our response to judge's remark on ‘cultural context’

Children need to be protected irrespective of cultural sensitivities

High Court Judge, Mrs Justice Pauffley has said authorities need to make allowances for a "cultural context" when ruling on physical abuse cases. The comment was made during the ruling on a case involving a man accused of assualting his wife and son. This comes as a great shock to us, as we feel there is no excuse for child abuse.

An NSPCC spokesman said:
"Children need to be protected irrespective of cultural sensitivities. Different practices are no excuse for child abuse taking place in this country and the law doesn't make that distinction.

"Every child deserves the right to be safe and protected from physical abuse and the courts must reflect this."

8 positive parenting tips to avoid smacking

  • Show your child love and warmth
  • The more they get used to this, the more they want to keep it that way.
  • Have clear, simple rules and limits
  • Be consistent in expecting them to be met.
  • Demonstrate by your own example
  • Talk and listen to teach your child how to behave
  • Praise good behaviour
  • Give your child attention when they are being good and it will increase.
  • Criticise behaviours you don’t like, not your child
  • Use mild disapproval and reprimands when a rule is broken.
  • Give rewards for good behaviour
  • Like lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Distract younger children
  • Instead of nagging or punishing them, and use humour to lighten up difficult situations.
  • Allow children some control
  • Helping them make choices and encouraging joint decisions