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Game Safe Festival

From 5-11 February 2024, we’re collaborating with developers, platforms, industry bodies, esports and influencers to play and act for a better way to game. Join us in Nottingham, London and online.

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A better way to play

The Game Safe Festival is an opportunity to play and act to keep children safe online.


We’re celebrating everything that’s best about the world of gaming. The community, collaboration and creativity.

And with your support, we’re taking action to make gaming safer by design.

We're bringing together key players to make sure children have positive gaming experiences. And we're helping the adults in their lives have the knowledge, confidence and tools they need to help keep children safe when they game.


Why you should take part

  • 89% of children in the UK play video games, but online harms are increasing.
  • If you’re a gamer, this is your chance to join exclusive events and competitions. You can also be at the forefront of conversations that will improve the industry.
  • If you’re a parent, you can make sure you know how to keep children safe while they game. You can also be confident about navigating the world of gaming so your child can come to you for advice and support.

"Minecraft and YouTube are my way of coping. When I’m making content, I can forget about the bullying. I’ve got supportive friends there and it feels like the worst stuff is behind me."
Boy, 16


Game Safe Festival is for everyone involved in the gaming community. It’s also for adults who support young gamers.

You might be:  

  • a seasoned gamer wanting to know about how to game for good 
  • a young person keen to watch world-class esports  
  • the parent or teacher of young gamers making sure you know how to keep them safe
  • a gaming professional, developer, trust and safety officer or industry professional.

Game Safe Festival is taking place between 5–11 February 2024.

Game Safe Festival is a hybrid event, with some activities taking place in person and others taking place remotely.

The following activities will be taking place remotely:

The following activities will be taking place in person at Confetti X, 15 Nile St, Nottingham NG1 1AT:

The following activity will be taking place in person at Weston House, London, 42 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3NH: