Kids in Real Life

So much of childhood today happens online. But behind the emojis and the filters, many of the UK’s children are struggling to cope. And some of them are taking their own lives. In real life. Please pledge to support KIDS IRL.

Make your pledge
Make your pledge

Pledge to stop abuse.
Pledge to support every child online.

When you sign up to Pledge to Protect, you will receive information about how support makes a difference to children and the variety of ways you can support us in the future. If you're an existing NSPCC supporter, we will continue to contact you as before.

Pledge to save lives in real life.

The internet can be amazing for kids, but it can also leave them vulnerable – to abuse, to bullying, to extra pressures on their mental health. The truth is that childhood has changed. And it’s time we came together and pledged to protect young people – online and in real life.

Beyond the feeds and emojis, it’s essential that young people have a safe space online where they don’t have to filter themselves. Our Childline online chat service can be that safe space. And with an average of 66 children reaching out to us with suicidal thoughts and feelings every day, we know this support can be life-saving.

That's why we're asking you to pledge today. Add your voice to the KIDS IRL campaign and show these children they’re not alone.

Please join us. Pledge to protect children online and in real life. 


In the next hour, 3 children will reach out to us with suicidal thoughts and feelings

Almost three-quarters of our Childline counselling sessions take place online


Around 90% of our income comes from people who generously choose to donate to us