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By pledging your support for our #Kids_IRL campaign, you’re showing children they’re not alone – online and in real life. 


In the next hour, three children will reach out to us with suicidal thoughts and feelings.

That’s why we’re asking for your help. So much of childhood today happens online, but behind the emojis and the filters, many of the UK’s children are struggling to cope. Some are even thinking about taking their own lives.

Will you donate today and keep children safe online and in real life? 

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Without your support, kids like Hollie are at real risk. Like so many young people who are struggling, she put on a brave face. She’d post happy, smiling photos online. But behind it all, anxiety and depression were taking over her life.

Eventually it all became too much. Her grades slipped. She stopped talking to her friends and became more and more isolated. And then she tried to take her own life.

But at Hollie’s lowest point, there was one place she knew she could turn. Childline.

“Following a suicide attempt I contacted Childline and spoke to a counsellor about how I was feeling. It was that conversation that stopped me from trying to take my life again. The service was my lifeline during my darkest hours.”

In the next hour, three children will reach out to us through Childline with suicidal thoughts and feelings. Will you donate to help keep children like Hollie safe online and in real life?

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Images are models and names are false to protect identities.