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Number Day took place on Friday 7 May 2021. We were delighted that so many schools had a mathtastic day for NSPCC. We loved seeing the posts and photos on social media and we’d like to send our thanks and appreciation to school communities right across the UK for your support.

We know that in many schools, this year’s Number Day was a little bit different. The resources for Number Day and Buddy’s Key Challenge will stay online until the end of the term for those schools who were unable to take part on the day. If you have any queries in relation to Number Day that’s not answered below, please email us at

Pay your money in

All registered schools should have received their welcome letter with paying in instructions. If you have misplaced this letter with your supporter ID, please complete and return this paying in form.

You can pay in money directly to Barclays Bank, via cheque, online or by phone.  In addition to this, to support social distancing and be Covid friendly, you can also raise money and pay via ParentPay and JustGiving.

JustGiving: Set up your school’s fundraising page within our Number Day 2021 JustGiving Link 

ParentPay: We’ve teamed up with ParentPay to raise money for Number Day. Schools can set up a payment item, share with parents and carers and money raised will be donated directly to NSPCC.

Remember to share your fundraising with parents and carers, we’ve got our letter you can share on your schools’ social media site too.

Returning sponsor forms: You'll find instructions for paying in money you have raised within your welcome letter or the paying in form. If your school has sponsor forms to return to NSPCC to enable us to claim gift aid, please return them by confidential and secure post (such as second class signed for). Address details can be found within your welcome letter or the paying in form.  If you have any queries in relation to paying in the money you have raised, please email


A token of our thanks:

As a thank you to those primary schools who raise over £500, we will send you an inflatable Buddy and for those who raise over £2000, we will send a fluffy Buddy. For post primary and other schools and organisations, we will offer you a free place on our online Child Protection course and five free places for those who raise more than £2000.

Why your support counts

Illustrated coins

We rely on funding from amazing people in schools across the country, who like you, believe that every childhood is worth fighting for.

By getting your pupils involved in fundraising, you're helping us keep children like Sophie safe from abuse.

Help us in our fight for every childhood. You can download our sponsor forms below to raise money or ask your pupils to bring in a donation to take part in the activities.


Getting started

Planning your Number Day is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • put the date in your diary
  • plan your activities and fundraising – get your whole school involved! There are lots of ways you can have fun with numbers - we've got your favourite activities, and new activities for all ages (all of these can be downloaded below).
  • spread the word – we've sent posters to your school and you can download more below. Take a look at our assembly plan, promotional posters and letter to parents for easy ways to promote your Number Day and raise money to keep children safe.

Please bookmark this page as all Number Day resources and activities can be found here. If you need any support, please email

New for 2021: Buddy's Key Challenge

(Primary and KS3/S1-3)

Take on Buddy’s Key Challenge in your school and help raise vital funds for the NSPCC. In classes, solve exciting maths puzzles against the clock with Buddy, the Speak out Stay safe mascot. There are ten puzzles to solve, and each one will reveal a piece of Buddy’s broken key that needs to be put back together again.

Compete in your bubble against other classes to see who can finish the challenge in the fastest time. Family and friends can support by sponsoring pupils to complete the challenge; every pound raised will help the NSPCC be here for children.

Tell us you are taking part in Buddy’s Key Challenge sponsored event for NSPCC and receive a free Inflatable Buddy for your school! 

Please note: Each school can only receive one Buddy and must be registered for Buddy’s Key Challenge by 23 April to receive Buddy in time for Number Day.

Take part in Buddy's Key Challenge

(If your school is already registered for Buddy's Key Challenge, you do not need to register twice – resources can be accessed below).

Download your resources

Buddy's Key Challenge (KS1)

Buddy’s Key Challenge (Lower KS2 – movement within classroom and class bubble)*

Buddy’s Key Challenge (Upper KS2 with classroom movement limitations)*

Buddy's Key Challenge (KS3)

Sponsorship form

Download Buddy**  

*The Upper and Lower KS2 levels are only a guide, schools should use the one most appropriate for their pupils 

**All schools taking part in Buddy’s Key Challenge sponsored event will receive an inflatable Buddy for their school. We understand that some school layouts or risk assessments may not support Buddy being hidden in a central school location and we have therefore included an image of Buddy for printing and laminating in classes.

Maths activities

To help raise the vital funds we need to keep children safe you might like to Dress up for Digits and come up with your own number crunching fundraising or use some of our great mathematical activities, some created in partnership with Oxford University Press and Maths on Toast.

To help raise the vital funds we need to keep children safe you might like to Dress up for Digits and come up with your own number crunching fundraising or use some of our great mathematical activities, some created in partnership with Oxford University Press and Maths on Toast.

To help raise the vital funds we need to keep children safe you might like to Dress up for Digits and come up with your own number crunching fundraising or use some of our great mathematical activities, some created in partnership with Oxford University Press and Maths on Toast.

Virtual Maths lessons with Oxford University Press

Join Oxford University Press’s virtual Maths lesson for Number Day with Professor Mike Askew. Mike began his career as a primary school teacher. He now researches, speaks and writes on teaching and learning Maths. Mike believes that all children can find Mathematical activity engaging and enjoyable, and develop the confidence in their ability to do Maths. He's created two fun and engaging Maths lessons, just for Number Day!

KS1 -  Join Mike and his mathematician puppet Gaus to explore some activities playing with the number 10.

KS2 - Join Mike as he explores some number patterns arising from finding differences

Dress up for digits


Dress up for Digits

Dress up for Digits

Simply ask your pupils and staff to wear an item of clothing with a number on it and bring in a suggested donation of £2. This can be a sports shirt or cap, even a onesie. Or why not get more creative as a dice or calculator! 

Children in fancy dress

Promotional materials and fundraising resources

Assembly plan, presentation and video

The best way to involve everyone at school is to hold a special assembly to launch your event. Our new assembly plan, presentation and video can help you to explain the work of the NSPCC and why you've chosen to support our work through fundraising.

Assembly plan



We’ve got some fun ideas for Number Day games that can be done in small groups and class bubbles.


The teacher hides a variety of coloured balls or cards around the playground. The class is split into teams, and the coloured balls/cards are given a number value, ie: blue = 4. The teams need to collect as many as they can. The team with the highest value of the balls wins.

Lay a series of flash card equations on the floor in a line next to each other. Each player needs to move along their line shouting out their answers before they can move to the next one… who can beat the teacher to the end of the line? (This game could also be done on a white board)

You’ll need 6 recycled plastic bottles numbered 1-6.  Have the children take turns in bowling to knock the bottles over, they then have to count the numbers on the bottles and add up the numbers to get their score. Highest score wins the round.   (Use anti-bac wipes to keep the bottles sanitised)

Get the children to help you create a map of your school playground on paper. Then choose plot points for them to visit to find notes or small prizes.

Thee children can make their own bingo card using numbers up to 90. The teacher could set 90 maths questions where the answers are anything from 1 – 90 (eg: 2 x 4).  When the child gets the right answer, they mark that number off.   First one with a full house wins.

The teacher gives each child a card with a letter and a small number (similar to scrabble tokens).  In groups, children need to make as many words as they can with the letters they have and also the total of the words made if numbers are added together.

Split the class into two teams. Players compete against each other with two dice, they both roll the dice and add up (or subtract, or multiply if the teacher wants to increase the difficulty) the two dice together. The player with the highest number wins!

Keeping Children Safe Online:

Activities and Resources

Why not use this opportunity to teach pupils about staying safe online with our fun quizzes and resources?

We’re also offering an online version of our Speak out Stay safe programme, so you can safely deliver vital safeguarding messages in the classroom. Available to all primary schools in the UK and Channel Islands, the programme includes a 30-minute virtual assembly introduced by Ant and Dec, plus supporting teaching materials. 

For more resources to help your school keep children safe, explore our free teaching resources and lessons plans 

Thanks to our partners

The Man Charitable Trust is Man Group’s philanthropic trust, which focuses its grant giving on literacy, numeracy and programmes that help disadvantaged people.

Its work helps disadvantaged people engage with education and build the
necessary skills to improve their life
chances and employment prospects. 




Oxford University Press has once again teamed up with the NSPCC to provide exciting Number Day activities.

These have been designed to have clear links to the maths curriculum and also put the fun into fundraising!


Maths on Toast is the family maths charity.Maths on toast

We want everyone to feel that maths is something they can do, and enjoy – so we're on a mission to give all families creative, human, social experiences of maths.