Your fundraising FAQs

What else do you need to know about fundraising for us through your business? 

We know there are questions that arise when it comes to fundraising. Perhaps you're not sure how to get started, are looking for guidance on how to make your event a success, or want to know how to donate any money you raise. Explore our FAQs to discover the answers to your questions. And if there's anything not covered here, you can always contact us directly.


I’d like to support the NSPCC but I’m not sure how.

We’ve got lots of information about different ways your company can support us here.

I don’t know what activities to organise.

Check out our A-Z fundraising ideas for lots of inspiration.

I’m not sure how to let people know about our fundraising activities.

Think about how you would communicate other news around your business and who you want to tell. Would it be a customer newsletter? Noticeboard? Intranet? Social media? Whatever ways you'd normally tell people about other things that are going on will likely work well for fundraising too.

I’d like to support the NSPCC through our products. How do I do this?

Click here for more information about supporting us through sales.

How long does it take to organise a fundraising event?

This depends on the event you’re organising. We suggest writing a plan and working backwards from your event date. Think about how long you’ll need to organise different elements of it. For example, how many weeks you want to promote it for, whether you need to arrange any suppliers or venues and the availability of anyone that needs to attend. For larger events, like a dinner or ball, you’ll want to give yourself lots of time. For smaller events like a bake sale or dress down day, a few weeks or a month’s notice might be all you need. For more guidance visit our Fundraising ideas page.


How do I collect donations?

If your event will be asking people to pay in cash, you can order an NSPCC collection box or use another type of box to keep the money in. Ensure you collect the money securely and it's not left unattended.

Can I collect donations online?

Collecting money through an online giving page like JustGiving can make things a lot easier. Any money collected through the page is automatically transferred us, so you don’t need to worry about sending it in once the page is set up. If you’re using the page to collect entry fees or sell raffle tickets, or if people are getting anything else in return for their donations, ensure you ask them not to claim Gift Aid.

How do I pay donations to the NSPCC?

You can donate to us online, over the phone or by sending a cheque in the post. If you prefer to give by cheque, please post the cheque along with a completed version of this form to NSPCC Weston House, 42 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NH. Please make cheques payable to 'NSPCC Registered Charity'.



Where do I get prizes from?

If you’re organising any sort of fundraising where you’ll need prizes, like a raffle, prize draw, tombola or quiz, you'll need to get the prizes yourself. If any businesses you approach ask you for a letter of authority, please get in touch at and we can arrange one for you.

Can I claim gift aid?

If you're a UK taxpayer you can donate through Gift Aid, meaning we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. Only donations are eligible for Gift Aid, so if you've had any sort of benefit for the money you’re giving to us, like entering a raffle or using money to buy a ticket for an event, then that wouldn't be eligible.

If you’re using an online giving page, like JustGiving, anyone donating will be prompted to consider adding gift aid to their donation where it’s applicable. If you’re collecting cash, you can find our Gift Aid donation form here or our sponsorship forms here which both give more details. You can find the government's guidance on Gift Aid here.

Do you have sponsor forms?

You can find a sponsor form to download here.

Can I have a certificate?

You can download a certificate here which you can complete after your event and display.

I’m creating a poster. Can I use the NSPCC logo?

If you're creating your own poster and want to add the NSPCC logo, please contact to confirm you can use it. Please don't download our logo from anywhere else and use it without permission.

Can I put the NSPCC logo on my website?

Generally, we’re unable to give you permission to display the NSPCC logo on your website. If you'd like to discuss this with someone at the NSPCC please contact

Can I use the NSPCC logo or imagery on my website and social media?

If you'd like to let people know you’re supporting us, you can share promotional materials, like posters, on your website or social media. If you want to use the logo or any other NSPCC imagery in different ways, you wouldn't be able to do this without permission. Please contact for more information.

How will the money I raise be spent?

Your amazing donations and fundraising help us reach millions of children and young people. In fact, 90% of our funding comes from our supporters. You can find out more about where your money will be spent here.

How do I get a receipt or proof of donation?

If you make a donation online, over the phone or in the post, you'll be sent a letter or email confirming the donation. If you need formal proof of donation for another purpose, please contact and they can provide you with one.

How can I do more to help the NSPCC?

There are lots of different ways to support us. If you’d like to do more, here are some different things you can do:

  • take part in an event
  • take part in Childhood Day
  • organise your own event
  • volunteer for us
  • campaign with us
  • leave a gift in your will to us
  • set up a direct debit, personally or as a business, to make regular gifts to help children
  • join the NSPCC Raffle or Lottery
  • shop with us.

I'd like to make a longer-term commitment to support the NSPCC. How do I do that?

To make a longer-term commitment, there are several different ways you can support us. You may choose to set up a regular direct debit so you can support us on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, you may wish to organise events and activities each year. You can find more information here. If you’d like to speak to a member of the fundraising team about supporting us long-term, please contact

What local volunteering opportunities are there for our staff to get involved in?

You can find local volunteering opportunities here. Our volunteering opportunities change regularly, so please revisit this page if you don’t find anything right now. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team about volunteering at

Can we get some NSPCC branded items for our fundraising event like t-shirts, banners and balloons?

Yes! You can visit the NSPCC shop to order items like t-shirts, banners and other resources.

Do you have a specific fundraising campaign or day we can get involved in?

Yes, our biggest annual event takes place on the second Friday of June. There are lots of different ways to get involved. Find out more here.

You could also join people across the UK and Walk for Children on the longest night of the year.