Help us make sure more children get the support they need after sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse can affect children in many ways. That's why we work directly with children and families across the country through services like Letting the Future In, which helps get lives back on track. And our helpline is there 24/7 for anyone worried about a child.

But right now, thousands of children like Holly* are still waiting to get the support they desperately need to rebuild their lives. Please help us to be there for more children. Your donation really can turn a child's life around. 

Holly and Linda’s story

Linda’s world fell apart the day the police knocked on her door with the news that her daughter, Holly, had been sexually abused by a family friend.

In the weeks and months that followed, Holly’s behaviour completely changed. She began to hit out at school and pushed her family away at home. It was at this time she started to self-harm.

Unsure of how best to support her daughter, Linda was referred to the NSPCC for help. Holly and Linda were introduced to Beverley, a therapeutic practitioner from our Letting the Future In service.

At first, Holly found it difficult to trust anyone and wasn’t able to open up to Beverley about what had happened. The pain became too much for Holly and she asked her mum to help her end it all.

It was after this that Holly reached a turning point and began to speak to Beverley about the abuse. Holly and Linda wrote letters to the man who had hurt her and read these aloud to each other before destroying them. With our support, Holly and Linda found a way to move forward together.

"The NSPCC needs our support to help ensure even more children in the UK can get this special form of therapy. I hope, together, we can give more young people the same chance Holly had."
Linda, Holly's mother

Rebuilding lives after sexual abuse

Through our Letting the Future In service, we see young people aged 4-17 in our special play therapy rooms. They do things like messy play, writing, storytelling and art to help express the feelings they can’t put into words. Over time the children begin to open up about their feelings.

Sexual abuse can affect young people in all kinds of ways. But Letting the Future In helps children work through past experiences and move on from what has happened.

Letting the Future In

Services like Letting the Future In only exist thanks to the generosity of supporters like you.*

Thank you for helping change children’s lives.


*Names have been changed to protect identities. Any photographs are posed by models. Your donation could go towards NSPCC therapeutic services, or it could help us fund services such as Childline and the NSPCC helpline. Wherever your donation is needed most, that’s where it will go.

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