The Big Breaktime

Sign your school up to The Big Breaktime this Childhood Day, Friday 10 June for FREE resources! It’s an hour of play for staff and children to enjoy while raising money.

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Get involved with The Big Breaktime this Childhood Day

All it takes is an hour-long breaktime at a time that suits your school, and a suggested donation from staff and parents. Whether you play ball games, board games or a huge game of rounders, the important thing is to take part. Down tools, connect, and have fun in whatever way suits you best!

When you sign up, we’ll send your school stickers in the post, and you’ll have access to loads of The Big Breaktime resources including:

  • Ant & Dec's Playtime Power activity from their new Propa Happy book
  • Bing's Big Breaktime resource for nursery and early years
  • downloadable letters and posters
  • loads more game ideas for all ages.

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3 easy steps to take part

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1. Sign up to register your school to take part!

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2. Plan your Big Breaktime using all the resources we’ll send you.

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3. Enjoy your hour of play on Friday 10 June and raise money to help keep children safe.

Why your support matters

The NSPCC have been working to prevent child abuse for over 130 years, and we know the only way we can keep all of our children safe is if everyone works together. Schools are at the heart of towns and cities, and we need to get every school to help bring their communities together to keep children safe.

The money you raise could help the NSPCC run its Speak out Stay safe programme to help children like Luke* understand what abuse is and what to do if they're scared or worried.

"If it hadn’t been for that assembly, I honestly think the abuse would still be happening. The Schools Service needs to keep happening so that children understand what is right and wrong. It gave my son the words to articulate what had happened to him and to be able to say it was not OK. "
Caroline*, Luke's mum

Thanks to our partners

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Names have been changed and photographs are posed by models.